How you know you’re training for a marathon

If you're training for a marathon we can pretty much guarantee you've experienced some, if not all, of these life changes.

How you know you’re training for a marathon

You could eat everything in sight

The runger is real when your body is working hard and craving the energy to fuel all of those miles you're putting in. By craving more energy, we mean eating everything in sight - and then some! Your workmates have already commented several times at how much you eat, and your friends can’t quite believe where it all goes. Make these peanut butter energy balls to snack on through the day and keep that runger at bay.

Social life. What social life?

One of the key elements of training for a marathon is dedication, which sadly comes with saying NO THANKS to social engagements in favour of your run schedule. It isn’t that you don’t care, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Remember that this focus is all part of the bigger picture and your loving friends will understand. Why not organise a run with your pals, or finish a run at the pub and tick off the two boxes together?

You're convinced all you ever do is run

If you’re training four, five, or even six days a week as well juggling all of the things life throws at you, much of your free time will be spent running. Feeling like all you do is run is completely natural. Try to schedule some time in when you don’t even think about running to give yourself a break. This could be reading a book, going for a coffee with a friend, or a night in the pub with a cheeky pint. That goal you’re working towards is important, but you also need space to unwind and relax too.

The laundry basket overflows with Lycra

Getting your sweat on means an even sweatier pile of clothing which will turn into a mountain if you’re not careful. Rather than looking at your dirty Lycra in distaste, see that gleaming heap of clothing as a result of all those miles training. Then rush to the shops and purchase a big box of Daz and put a wash on - stat.

You talk about running - a lot 

Your chat is probably now completely filled with all things marathon, mileage and blisters. Obviously talking about the big goal is 100 per cent acceptable, just try to remember that not all of your friends are that keen on where you’ve had to slather your body glide this week, or how many toe nails you have lost. Be proud of your achievements but be sure to mix up your chat with non-running talk if you can.

Tired is your middle name

As your body exerts itself on a regular basis it is natural to feel tired. By tired we mean falling asleep at your desk regularly, having a sneaky five minute nap on the loo at work, or even grabbing a ten minute snooze on the shoulder of a stranger on the train home. It's exhausting work, and what you deserve more than anything else is to treat yourself to a lie in and an early night. Read the five ways to get more sleep and set the snooze button.

Sunday baths are a god send

After that post Sunday long run there's nothing better than a soak in the tub, so let it become an essential part of your week. Embrace the epsom salts, light those candles, and soak to your heart's content, because by heck have you earned it. 

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