Introducing the Caffeine Bullet

Tired of gel hell and looking for the perfect race day pick-me-up? The concentrated caffeine sweet for endurance athletes and caffeine lovers has landed!

Introducing the Caffeine Bullet

Do you struggle with sickly gels but still crave an energy boost on race day? Following a successful Kickstarter campaign Caffeine Bullet has launched in the UK!

Founded by marathon and ultra-running champion David Hellard, Caffeine Bullet was created to stop athletes having to go through ‘gel hell’ just to get their caffeine fix and provides the perfect alternative to sugary energy gels on race day.

Run faster for longer

There's a reason we all crave a cuppa in the morning. 
Caffeine releases fat into the bloodstream, delaying muscle glycogen depletion. It also reduces the perception of pain and effort, decreasing the symptoms of fatigue. In short, caffeine helps you run faster for longer.

‘I have always used caffeine to help me finishes races with a kick, but I became frustrated with having to take several weak caffeine gels, when I was already sick of them, just for their caffeine content,’ says Hellard.

‘We need our carbohydrates and caffeine in differing amounts and at different times, so why tie them together?’ he adds.

The perfect energy fix

If you're tired of grappling with sticky gel packs on race day or the sugary concoctions simply don't agree with you, the good news is Caffeine Bullet puts you in control of your caffeine kick and at 100mgs per sweet, ensures you take the optimal amount. 

Coming in packs of four minty chews, each bullet contains 100mg of caffeine – the same as a strong cup of coffee. And to ensure you perform at your best, each bullet comes packed with four different types of electrolyte. By side-stepping sugary energy gels, you also avoid taking on unnecessary calories.

Optimal performance

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, because you chew the bullet, the concentrated caffeine hits you faster, so the effect is more pronounced and you’ll be whizzing across the finish line in record time.

A convenient alternative to energy drinks or coffee, Caffeine Bullet is the perfect pre-gym, mid-race or even post-heavy night out pick-me-up! 

Try Caffeine Bullet out for yourself now at Purchase in the next 10 days and take advantage of the following great introductory offers using discount checkout codes:

  • £2 off a 4 pack - Bullet4
  • £5 off a 10 pack - Bullet10
  • £10 off a 30 pack - Bullet30

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