The thought process of a marathon runner

From the abject fear of the starting pen to the elation of crossing the finish line, we take you through the mindset of running 26.2 miles…

The thought process of a marathon runner

Miles 0-9

  • ‘Oh God, Oh God, Oh God it’s about to start!’
  • ‘I need a wee!’
  • ‘We’re off. No! Wait! I need a wee’
  • ‘OK, it’s fine, I don’t need a wee’
  • ‘Oh wow, I’m running a marathon. I’m officially a marathon runner!’
  • ‘Huh. This isn’t too bad, actually’
  • ‘A mile marker! I can see a mile marker! I’ve run a mile! One down, 25 to go. Easy.’
  • ‘Oh God, my shoes are starting to rub. My shoes have never rubbed before. Why? WHY?’
  • ‘Actually they’re not rubbing, it’s fine’
  • ‘OK, I’ve got this’
  • ‘Ooooh, Jelly Babies’
  • ‘Six miles… that’s 10K. I just need to do that, three more times. Easy’
  • ‘I love running’
  • ‘Ouch, my calves are starting to hurt a bit’
  • ‘It’s OK, just power through’

Miles 9-18

  • ‘Seriously, they REALLY hurt now’
  • ‘Should I stop to stretch?’
  • ‘No, keep going’
  • ‘Once I get to ten miles, I’ll have a little walk break’
  • ‘Nooo! Don’t walk! Keep running’
  • ‘Let’s have a little walk break’
  • ‘Ooh, walking is nice’
  • ‘Right, back on it. Start running again’
  • ‘I hate running’
  • ‘Yay, there are my friends! Guys! GUUUYS!’
  • ‘I feel great. I love running’
  • ‘Wow, this crowd’

Miles 18-26.2

  • ‘Oh God, I’m exhausted’
  • ‘OK, seriously, a guy carrying a FRIDGE just overtook me. FFS’
  • ‘Where is the next mile marker? Seriously, where? I have been running this mile FOREVER’
  • ’21 miles! I’ve made it to 21 miles! Which is almost 22, which is almost 23, which is almost 24 which is almost 25, which means just one more mile to go! I have one more mile to go! woo!’
  • ‘Wait… what? That’s not right’
  • ‘Why did this seem like a good idea four months ago?’
  • ‘I paid actual money to do this’
  • ‘Just. Keep. Moving’
  • ’26 miles! I’ve done it! I’ve bloody done it! Where’s the finish line?’
  • ‘Sh*t. Point two. Twenty six POINT TWO. B*llocks’
  • ‘OK, keep going legs. You’ve got this’
  • ‘The finish line! I can see the ACTUAL FINISH LINE…yes!’
  • ‘Oh God, that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I am absolutely NEVER doing that again…’
  • ‘That was amazing. I’m definitely signing up to do this again’

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