12 week advanced 10K training plan

Pick up the pace over 12 weeks with out advanced 10K training plan.

12 week advanced 10K training plan

Distance 10K Level Advanced Weeks 12 

  • Note: please do a 15 minute warm up and cool down before Threshold, Continuous Hills, Circuit or Interval sessions.
  • If your are feeling ok you may wish to consider a 20 to 30 minute recovery run in the morning before any of the quality sessions above.
  • Always substitute cross-training for running if you are injured, very sore or it is not safe to run.
  • Please add a Core conditioning, Pilates or Yoga classes once or twice a week if you have time.
  • Try to stretch every day for at least 10 minutes.
  • Always eat within 20 to 30 minutes of finishing a run.
  • Always train at your target pace, don’t compromise or run too hard. Tiredness always catches up and take extra rest if required...

Training plans supplied by: Nick Anderson at RunningWithUs

For more expert training advice on running techniques click the links below:

Week 1

  1. Mon

    60 minutes

    1. Cross-training 30 to 40 minutes recovery run with conditioning.
  2. Tue

    45 minutes

    1. Threshold run 5 sets of 5 minutes with 90 seconds jog recovery.
  3. Wed

    40 minutes

    1. Easy run 40 minutes
  4. Thu

    30-40 minutes

    1. Steady run 30 to 40 minutes

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