Follow Run Yourself New and transform your fitness

Kickstart your New Year fitness with FREE weekly meals plans served up by Michelin chef Alan Murchison, expert training advice and more!

Follow Run Yourself New and transform your fitness

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FREE healthy meal plans

Need some help with healthy eating? Michelin chef Alan Murchison will be serving up delicious recipes straight to your inbox all month long, helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

'Healthy eating is about moderation, change and adaptation,' says Alan Murchison. 'Make changes gradually. Don’t have a revolution, allow your body to evolve and feel better. Change is hard and good eating habits take time. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Give it time and allow change to happen gradually.'

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Expert training advice

Top running coaches will be on hand offering free training plans and support throughout January, leaving you to focus on your New Year health and fitness goals. 

'We want you to get the very best from your first month of 2017,' says Tom Craggs. 'That's why we'll be here to support you every step of the way as you build new routines, set new goals and Run Yourself New this January. With training plans, tips, advice and motivation - we'll supply everything you need to make a flying start to the year.'

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