Buddy up: 5 partner bodyweight exercises

We’ve all heard of the saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. Luckily it applies to exercise too, so make a workout date with your best friend and get fit together with out top 5 bodyweight exercise to do in pairs.

Buddy up: 5 partner bodyweight exercises

You needn’t muscle through workouts on your own if you have friends that are willing to put in the work with you. Buddy up and build strength with some of our favourite paired up exercises. In need of an exercise buddy? Read our 5 ways to make running buddies.

Weighted twist pass 

For this move ideally you should have an object to pass to each other. One with some weight works - a bag of sugar, packet of pasta or a medicine ball, if you have one handy.

  • Sit with your back facing your partners with about one foot in distance. Your backs should be straight and your legs together with your knees slightly bent and heels touching the floor. If you’re a pro-keep your heels raised, but be sure to maintain your balance in your core.
  • Partner A holds the medicine ball and passes it across their chest in a clock-wise direction. Partner B takes hold of the ball and continues this clockwise movement.
  • Be sure to keep steady and repeat this circle 10 times as quickly as you can. Have a 60-90 second rest before repeating twice more.

High-plank taps

A more bearable version of a strong ab-burner. Get a friend involved and you’re a lot less likely to be counting down the seconds, which is what we’re usually doing when we’re planking.

  • Face your partner and start in a high plank position with your arms at full-length and your body in a straight diagonal position.
  • From here partner A will tap left hands with partner B, with your hand meeting in the middle.
  • Maintain a strong, stable position and keep this up for 60 seconds.
  • Have a 60 second rest and repeat 2 more rounds.

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Mountain climbers

The aim with this exercise is to get abs of steel with some stellar coordination. Try to keep your movements fluid and refrain from straining your neck by moving up with your shoulders.

  • Lie on your backs with your legs raised at a 90 degree angle with the soles of your feet touching and your hands resting on your temples.
  • Each stretch out your left leg, with your right leg remaining bent. As you do so, bring your left elbow to your right knee. Repeat this with the right leg and so on.
  • Keep this going for 20 sets, 10 on each side, and follow with a 60 second rest.

Double-up dynamic lunge

The trick here is balance. Try not to rely too much on your partner taking the load, working together instead to keep upright and stable.  

  • Start by standing in a regular lunge with your left legs forwards facing your partner. Your feet should stand alongside one and your hands palm to palm.
  • Lunge and then stand back into place, repeating this motion by taking your left leg backwards.
  • Repeat this alternation for five sets on each leg or 10 in total. Have a 60 second recovery before repeating twice over.

Fist bumps

Say no more to solitary sit-ups and jazz up your core routine with this fist bumper.  

  • Lie on your backs with your knees bent and your feet interlocked by your ankles.
  • From your primary position raise your body into a sit up, fist-bumping at the top.
  • Repeat this 10 times, following with a 60 second rest and then two more sets.

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