How to burn fat faster

Toning up can feel like a losing battle, but with a few simple tweaks to your routine you can speed up the process.

How to burn fat faster

Here are The Running Bug's tips on how to burn fat faster, and improve your running fitness. Try them out this week and see if you notice a difference.

Boost your metabolism

Upping your metabolism will increase the rate at which your body burns fat and calories. If you skip meals, are inactive and don't get all the vitamins you need, then it's likely your metabolism will slow down.

Eating certain foods is a simple way to speed up your metabolic rate. Green or matcha tea is particularly effective.

Try interval training

Studies have found that high-intensity interval training burns more fat than regular, consistent cardio. Interval training is really simple to incorporate in to your regular runs.

On your next run, just add in a few short bursts of sprinting, before returning to your normal pace, then repeat.

Lay off the booze

We all know that alcohol should be enjoyed in moderation, but research has also found that when you drink it after eating, your body puts it's effort in to processing the bad stuff in the booze, while digestion is put on the back burner. This leads to less less dietary fat being burned off and more being stored as body fat.

Eating healthy high protein meals alongside less sugary alcoholic beverages will help, but water is obviously the best option.

Strength train

Although aerobic and cardiac workouts are great exercise, a good weight training session will leave your body burning fat even when you're resting hours after working out.

So while you're chilling on the sofa in the evening after pumping some iron, you'll be burning more fat just doing nothing than you would have if you'd engaged in cardio earlier in the day instead.

Sleep well

University of Chicago researchers found a bad nights' sleep makes you 'metabolically groggy. After just a few restless nights your body’s ability to process insulin (the hormone needed to change sugar, starches, and other food into energy) goes awry. When your body doesn't respond properly to insulin, it'll have trouble processing fats from your bloodstream, so you may end up storing them as fat.

Try to get into a routine of heading to bed at the same time every night during the week and switch off all your gadgets. Runners should not underestimate the importance of sleep so stop reading this and go to bed! Tomorrow morning is a brand new day and you have a fat-burning schedule to try out. Good luck!

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