Quick morning workouts

Pushed for time? Squeezing in a swift morning workout will work wonders for your body and your mind, not to mention your time management...

Quick morning workouts

1. Blast fat with a HIIT circuit

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) will sky rocket your metabolism and is also great for squeezing more out of your workout when time isn't on your side. The Body Coach features heaps of quick sessions to get you started; this full body workout is one of our favourites. You can try more of his great circuits here

2. Tone up with a low-impact workout

One of the hurdles to overcome when working out before the world wakes up is noise, as no one wants to disturb the neighbours or rouse the kids. Work your body on the down low with this speedy low-impact circuit from POPSUGAR Fitness

3. Skip to it 

Adding cardio into your morning routine will burn fat faster and get your blood pumping. Pick up a skipping rope and try something new alongside your running routine. A great place to start is this 15-minute session by The Body Coach 

4. Stretch it out with yoga 

Yoga is perfect for toning and stretching weary runner's muscles and will set your mind up for the day ahead. Face the day head-on with this relaxed 15-minute routine by Candace

For extra morning motivation, enlist a friend and try our five body weight exercises for pairs

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